What is it to be part of something special?  What is it to make a meaningful change to your life?  What does it take to make something magical happen in your life?

It starts with a choice and builds into a story.  Our lives are a series of choices that we have the power to create something more amazing than we ever thought.  When you choose to make something happen, you are choosing to do something different and that is scary.  Change is scary.  The unknown is something that makes us cringe in the depths of our souls.  What if we could tell ourselves a different story?  What if, instead of having fear and worry over change, we could convince ourselves that this change is the first step in a magical story, the first step in something that is going to take us beyond our imaginations?

As humans, we have these amazing gifts: to reason, to dream, and to create.  So, stop hiding from your destiny.  Examine where you are, then be the dream you want to be, create the life you want to live.  How do you start?  One step!  Then follow it with another and another and when the world looks scary, take another step.  We were not meant to live in a life that is meaningless and ruled with fear, we were meant for greatness.  But, it hurts to fall down.  Yes, it hurts.  But then you get up and you tell yourself a better story.  The most amazing things in history all happened after someone fell down.  Why?  Because they got back up and refused to stay on the ground.  This is the day to make something happen.

The story is not just an idea, the story is an action.  I have lots of dreams, but until I put action behind those dreams they are meaningless.  Today I will take this dream that I have had for so long and put action behind it and tell a story that will be life changing.  My life is different today than it was yesterday, because today is the first day of the new story that I will create.  Today my life will be an example of success.  Not just mere financial success, but mind, body and soul success as well.  Create the life that you dream, start now!