A Storytelling Agency Built on Collaboration


Welcome to JF Designed, your one-stop shop for all things digital storytelling! We’re a passionate agency dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that connect with your audience and propel your brand to new heights.

The Power of Storytelling


At JF Designed, we believe that stories are the heart and soul of effective marketing. They have the unique ability to transcend mere information and forge genuine connections with your target audience. We leverage the power of storytelling in everything we do, from crafting website copy that feels like a conversation to developing social media content that sparks engagement.

Our Storytelling Strategy

Here’s a glimpse into our storytelling approach

Understanding Your Brand Narrative

We begin by collaborating with you to uncover your brand’s unique story. What are your core values? What challenges do you solve? What impact do you want to make? By answering these questions, we build a foundation for a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

The Hero's Journey

We often utilize the framework of the “Hero’s Journey” – a storytelling structure found in countless myths and narratives – to craft your brand story. This structure allows us to position your brand as the guide, helping your customers overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Emotional Connection

We weave emotions into the fabric of your brand story. By tapping into emotions like hope, inspiration, or trust, we create a deeper connection with your audience, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

Data-Driven Storytelling

We don’t just rely on creative intuition. We combine storytelling with data insights to ensure your narrative resonates with your target audience. We track audience engagement and adjust our approach to optimize the impact of your brand story.

Meet James Frazier, the Storyteller at the Helm

Now that you know a bit about JF Designed, let’s meet the dreamer behind the magic – James Frazier!

In West Philadelphia born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys…..

Wait, that wasn’t me… I better let someone else take it from here.

James grew up in a small town outside of OKC called Jones America.  For some reason, small towns tend to leave out the name of the state and focus on the fact that they are Americans, just in case anyone forgot. In middle school he moved to Moore, OK, then ended up graduating from Edmond North.  Nothing too exciting there.  After high school, James got a job traveling to church camps around the country playing goofy games with students and getting mad skills on the volleyball court.  From there he went into the ministry around Oklahoma and North Texas.

Years later, James left the ministry and went to work for an event company that worked all over the country, there he learned all about marketing and realized that the tools he used in the ministry gave him a very unique perspective in marketing.  In 2007 James built his first website and he was hooked.  Shortly after he knew that he had found his passion.  James moved to OKC to work for a marketing company and soon after started his own agency, JFDoes the Marketing Superhero(Yes, we know, James is a full-on nerd).

Along the way, James got involved in networking and partnering with other amazing people.  So, now James is a partner in OKC Happy Hour, as well as being the admin of a large OKC singles group called the one5.  James has 2 driving statements in his life, first “I want everyone around me to be better because I was there” and second “Vita Est Sentio” (Life is the Experience).  James also loves a good old-fashioned, especially when it has those cherries, no not those, the luxardo ones.

Ready to Unleash Your Brand Story?


We believe that every brand has a story waiting to be told. Are you ready to share yours with the world? Let JF Designed be your partner in crafting a narrative that captivates your audience and drives success. Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can help you transform your brand story into a marketing masterpiece!