So, I went fishing the other day and came across this old bridge.  As I approached the bridge I noticed something peculiar.  There was a shiny object that could just barely be seen beneath the water.  As I love a good story about shiny objects, I could not resist jumping in and finding out what this shiny thing was.  The water was deeper than expected, and it took a little more effort than I thought to get to it. Finally I reached the place I saw this shiny object glistening beneath the water.  It turns out that the water was much clearer than I expected, and this shiny object was much deeper than I could have imagined.  But still I pressed on determined to find out what this was.

Turns out, it was just a good story, but now you are wondering what this shiny thing was.  You are wondering where I found this old bridge, and what type of fishing I was doing.  Unfortunately, none of this is real, it is a story to make you envision all of these things.  A good story will draw you in.  You start to picture yourself in the place of the storyteller.  You can feel the emotions of the moment as you dive deeper into the story.  So, what does any of this have to do with marketing my business?

Good marketing is telling a story, not about a widget or a hoodenanny (I made that word up).  You want to tell a story about what your product does.  Everyone has stories.  Instead of writing another marketing blog, or another list of services, think about the stories that have made you fall in love with what you do.  Isn’t that the goal?  To get your potential customer to fall in love with your product and service like you are?  If they fall in love, they will tell their story, and make someone else fall in love.  A good story, takes on wings and becomes something better than you could ever imagine.  Go ahead, tell the story of you, and how you fell in love with whatever it is you do.