We eat and drink and live local.


Of all the passions that JF Designed has, the one thing that always rises to the top is local food, beer, cocktails and experiences. To say that we have looked at a few menus is an understatement. To say that there are a few of our favorites that are in dire need of a makeover is also an understatement. 

The Menu is more than a piece of paper


When the average consumer is looking for a place to eat, drink or have fun they look at several spots. Obviously, Yelp, IG, FB, Google or whatever other search tool, but then they want to see the most updated menu. That begins the moment they land on your website. Presentation is everything. If you wouldn’t throw a piece of meat on a plate from across the room and call it good, why would you do that with your website? Your website is your Menu, the all encompassing story of what you’re patron should experience when they become a part of your story.

what a Menu needs

The secret to winning restaurants isn’t so secret.

Compelling brand

Delicious Impact

Your menu isn’t just a list, it’s your brand story on a plate. We craft menus that showcase your unique personality, enticing guests not just with food, but with the experience you offer.

Patron focused structure

Seamless Navigation

Guests shouldn’t fight the menu to find their next bite. We design menus with clear sections, easy-to-read fonts, and a focus on highlighting your signature dishes. Usability is key to keeping patrons happy and hungry.

Hunger inducing imagery

A Feast for the Eyes

Beyond descriptions, mouthwatering photos paint a picture of culinary delight. We incorporate high-quality images that showcase your dishes in all their glory, igniting cravings and driving orders.

Opt-in community

Foster Loyalty & Cravings

Menus don’t have to be static. We integrate captivating calls to action, encouraging guests to subscribe for updates, special offers, and exclusive menu previews. Build a community around your deliciousness!

Ready to take your menu from “meh” to “mouthwatering masterpiece”?

At JF Designed, we’re passionate about helping restaurants tell their story through compelling menus. We’ll work with you to craft a menu that not only reflects your brand but also drives customer engagement and sales.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s chat about how we can transform your menu into a marketing powerhouse!